Choosing The Best Workforce Management System For Your Business

If you own your own company, chances are you spend a great deal of time managing your employees. This task can become onerous, especially as your staff grows. A good workforce management system can really help. Managing employees often involves several different activities such as recording absences, scheduling shifts, task management and budgeting for salaries. Implementing the right work force management system will allow you to optimize the use of your employees. Time Trex ( has several software solutions to help you keep on schedule and free up your time to focus on growing your business.

As you begin your search for the right program to manage your workforce, there are so many options it can become overwhelming. You want to choose the best program for your company, but how will you know which one that is? There are several things to consider as you evaluate programs.

First, talk to others in your industry and ask them what program they use. Ask about the implementation and what benefits they’ve received from using a program to manage their workforce. Ask about customer support and ease of use.

Look for a program that complies with all applicable regulations and laws. One of the most important components of managing a workforce is absence and time and attendance management. There may be local laws that your company must follow, so ensure any program includes these. It is also important that the program be regularly updated to include changes in rules and regulations.

Research companies and invite the best to present their products to your staff. Ask for a detailed demonstration. Invite HR staff to ask questions. Ask the vendor to describe how their program will meet your needs including time and attendance, absences, scheduling and interfaces with your HR and payroll functions. Ask these questions during the presentation to ensure you cover everything before purchase and implementation.

Most of these workforce management programs are not simple, off-the-shelf programs. They often require staff to receive specialized training and the vendor should supply continuing consultative support. Ask the vendor about documentation, customization, training, and customer support availability. Also, have them explain how future enhancements and upgrades will work.

As you compare programs, consider more than just the price. The cost for workforce management programs varies a great deal. If you choose a comprehensive integrated platform, you will pay more than if you choose a single module. While a comprehensive package is more expensive up front, you may save that cost and more long-term in saved labor costs.

Once you choose a program, be sure to communicate with your entire staff during the implementation process. You’ll want them to participate and get used to using the new program. Implementing a new workforce management program will often result in a cultural change, especially with HR and line managers. Making them part of the solution can help ease their concerns and provide for a less stressful implementation environment.

Choosing a workforce management system is an important decision. Time Trex can answer questions and help you choose the best solution for your business.