Tips For Getting The Best Exchange Rates

When it comes to planning a vacation, travel money is usually the last thing on people’s minds. You book the hotel and flight in advance but leave travel money to the last minute, which is usually a huge mistake. If you do not plan ahead with your currency, don’t be surprised if you end up having significantly less money to spend on your trip.

However, with just a little planning combined with our tips on finding the best exchange rates, you can be able to spend more on what you like on your next holiday trip.

Do Your Homework

A little bit of research goes a long way. Certainly, you did not settle for the first airfare you came across, so do not settle for the first exchange rate you find. Take some time and watch the fluctuations of your preferred currencies. Whether it’s watching the morning news, an app on your phone or signing up to currency alerts, gaining some knowledge on the currency can really help you get the most bang for your buck.

Just like the weather, currency trends tend to be very unpredictable, fluctuating hour after hour, day after day. However, you can analyze the historical rate charts and if your currency is performing well, it should be the ideal time to get some for your holiday. However, keep in mind that the advertised currency rate on the news isn’t always available to the public.

Comparing the rates is easier to do online, but if you are phoning around for quotes, ensure you keep the calls brief in order to get an even comparison. Also, do not be fooled by ‘no commission’ signs. These promotions are usually in place to mask poor currency exchange rates.

Avoid Fees

The convenience provided by using your credit card in a foreign country is usually outweighed by the fees added to your exchange. Your credit card company is most likely going to charge you an international fee for each purchase you make and the exchange rate. Additionally, the local vendor may charge you a fee, which ultimately ends making you pay more than you would like.

So, before you choose to use your bank cards, ensure you check what fees are applicable. There are numerous options out there and so, it’s easy to avoid these exorbitant fees.

Use Our Fx Rate Watch

You will certainly want an easy way to track your desired currencies and compare them at any given time. Well, with Rate Watch, you will have the ability to instantly compare and calculate how much your money is worth compared to another currency. All you have to do is enter the currency you need, the amount you are looking for and the date you need it by. When the currency hits the rate you wanted, Continental Currency Exchange will contact you immediately to let you know. Features that make FX Rate desirable include live currency tracking, quick quote, automatic rate notifications, no registration required and it is completely free.

Use these tips for the best exchange rates and you will avoid getting ripped off.