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Car Accident

Car Accident

A few days ago, I was involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault. I was driving down the road and the light was green for me. That’s when a car ran a red light and t-boned me. I was rushed to the hospital and suffered some injuries including broken bones. I was a mess and my car was totalled. I had to stay in the hospital to recover for about a week. It was a terrible accident caused by a drunk driver. This accident made me miss out on a lot of work and caused me to have medical bills that were sky high. I wasn’t sure what I would have to do, but several people told me that car accident lawyers would probably be able to help me.

The first step in this whole process to me was to contact the other persons insurance company. After several attempts, I was unable to contact them and knew I was going to have to take a different route. That’s when I really started looking into car accident lawyers that could help me.

I started searching online and found a few websites for lawyers in my area. Then I came across the Valent Legal website. I found lots of information on their website including testimonials from clients they have helped with car accidents in the past. I also found where I could submit my information for a free consultation right on their website. Before doing this, I wanted to learn more about them. I went to my search engine and typed in Valent Legal and reviews. I found a few websites that had reviews for this car accident lawyer. I found that this firm has helped many people that have been involved in car accidents.

After reading reviews from other clients about their experience with Valent Legal, I decided it couldn’t hurt to submit a free consultation on their website. I went ahead and gave them my information and within just a few hours I received a phone call from a lawyer that was eager to help me. They told me they would need some additional information about my car accident and asked me if I had any paperwork from it. I told them what I had and they asked me to bring it to them. I was able to drop it off later that day. They were able to gather up the other information I didn’t have.

Within just a few weeks, they said the insurance company was going to go ahead and pay the medical bills. Since I was still having physical therapy, they were going to pay it as they got the bills for the medical services I was receiving. My medical bills were paid and caught up and within just a few more months, I had the money from my settlement. This law firm made it easy for me to get the money I needed from this car accident. I definitely recommend them.