The Case For Mobile Ad Buying

Mobile Apps

What is mobile and buying? It is basically a new online marketing channel where you use different apps to reach out to your target market. It is a relatively new territory as it wasn’t so long ago that people started using smart phones by the billions.
Being relatively new, however, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Given the right marketing message and enough budget, you could be reaping huge profits from just one marketing campaign alone.

How does it work, though? It works this way: You create a marketing message and send it across different apps that are already being used by different users. No, you do not need to approach different apps owners one by one. Just like pay-per-click advertising, there are ad networks for apps advertising.

The key here is to choose the ad network that meets the following criteria: Has a large number of unique profiles in their database and creates ads and experiments with them on your behalf.

By large number, we mean that the ad network has at least one billion unique profiles or users that you can reach out to. If you think that’s such an overwhelming number, consider this fact: There ad networks out there with two billion profiles.

As for the creation and the experimentation of ads, this is very important. Even the best marketers will tell you that the best ad campaigns have always been a journey in customization. You send different types ads or different versions of the same ads and track the ones that work.

If that sounds like a lot of work, it is, and this the reason why you need to work with a mobile ad marketing company. They already have the expertise and the resources to get you started in the soonest possible time.

But how much would mobile app marketing cost you? It’s usually a few dollars, like two dollars and a few cents every time your app is downloaded, or your website is visited, if that is what you prefer. If you want to get exact figures, make sure to get a quote from at least three mobile app marketing companies.

There are some companies, though, that do not have it fixed. What we mean is that they change the price structure after a certain number of downloads. The payment structure changes to the action taken inside the app. For example, if you designate for a certain link to be your desired action, you will only pay when the link is clicked. This actually saves you a lot of money.

Where can you find mobile app advertising companies? You can go to sites like or you can easily find them on Google. What you want to do is take a look at the offerings of different companies and compare them based on the number of unique profiles in their databases.

The best ones have a reach of two billion, meaning that they have two billion unique profiles in their database. This is important as advertising is nothing more than a numbers game.