Mobile App Marketing- Mistakes To Avoid

Mobile App Mockup

When it comes to internet marketing, mobile apps are undoubtedly the hottest things. They are powerful enough to catapult your business towards success. They make your business more accessible to users with a smartphone or a tablet with internet connection. An app exclusive to a certain company gives out its latest news, new offers and other important information, thus making the business stay connected to its mobile app users all the time.

As great as mobile app marketing is, there are marketers that end up making costly mistakes when they don’t take the endeavor seriously. This guide, however, looks at some of the common mistakes people make in the mobile app marketing world as well as how to avoid them. It would also be helpful to read the blog post on about hiring a company to do this for which might be the way to go.

Mistake 1: Creating an App without a Solid Marketing Plan

Creating an app does not translate into thousands of downloads in the stores. There are millions of app stores and you need to have a proper marketing plan for the app to become visible to your potential users. You need to take advantage of the available assets to make people aware of your new app launch. Your main site should ideally allow the visitors to download the app by displaying a direct link to the app stores. You should ideally include your social media channels in the marketing strategy. Using App Store Optimization tools also gives you better exposure in the Google Play and App Stores.

Mistake 2: Creating an App and Overlooking the Client Base

Never assume that users will come back to the app just because it’s useful. Most app developers fail to interact with their users and as a result, they never achieve substantial results with the mobile app. It is imperative to come up with an ideal app that focuses on user experience. You should ideally consider integrating a two-way communication channel. This way, your customers will not only feel special, but they will have a more direct access to your company. The application should also have a simple feedback submission system and rating prompts as well. A product can only become successful if your business has healthy relationships with the clients.

Mistake 3: Creating a Mobile Site and Passing it off as an Application

When a person downloads an application on the market, they mostly care about the experience and function. The app should give a distinct reason to get downloaded. The competition is pretty rough, with millions of apps both on the Apple App Store and Google Play, but you should never create an application that sends users to a mobile website. Create an app that is compatible with all devices and implement features that showcase your business. An app should also be easier to use than the main site.

If you want your mobile app marketing plan to be successful, then you must be a responsible marketer as well. Keep these three common mistakes in mind and ensure you do not go down the path that most marketers do.