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Mobile Media

Mobile Media

Data Driven Marketing Is In

The old days of guess marketing are out and programmatic media buying is in. Knowng the data is the most important thing to effectively leverage your ad spend allowance. Choosing your approach on cold hard facts, on metrics and measurables is the key. Allowing the data to choose the strategy vs guessing at the right approach is the key. www.liftoff.io is leading the charge when it comes to programmatic media buying in the mobile world.

Knowing Your Audience Is Key

It is all about knowing who your audience is and that is what you will find at http://liftoff.io/product/dynamic-ads/. This is a company who tracks usage and and correlates it into a buy model that allows you to know what to market to whom. This has huge implications in the marketing work where in the past we went off the Field of Dreams model of “build it and they will come.” We once thought that you just serve ads and the money would eventually come and that just isn’t so. Today’s consumer is tech savvy, is far more niche and is looking for very specific things. Let’s all face that the world has become bespoke for consumers and they really can name their adventure.

Knowing Your Audience’s Habits Is The Masterkey

Knowing an audience is not enough, knowing basic information about them is not enough; you need to know what their habits are. The trend today, at least with cutting edge companies, is to focus on experiences, to create bespoke experiences for their users. Another term that is being used is personalization and this can happen within a mobile app or even on a website. It is all about serving content and ads based on a person’s habits.
Liftoff.io Is The Key

There is one company who is leading the charge and that is Liftoff.io they have all the best data scientist on the job, parsing thought billions of bits of data, they can run live analytics on your apps to see what your users choose, where they go, they type of things that they enjoy and create a model that represents people like them. This is how you streamline your media buying an only present offers to the right audience. This is the future of marketing and prevents wasting money or treating users generically which leads to losing money and users.
Keep Up or Get Left Behind

It really is get on this train or totally miss out. Liftoff’s strategy is the type of genius disruptive company that you must join early before all of your competition does, before this is something that everyone else does and before all the edge that comes from being an early adopter is completely lost. Don’t just keep up but get there early. People in our industry all have stories about how they missed out on some sort of technology breakthrough, here is your chance to create a new narrative of you adopting something so early that you created a huge advantage for you company.